A Guide To Coffee Grades And Qualities

"The language of coffee is all in the Cup tasting"
- Anon 1893


:·Kenya Coffee AA Grade: Beans in this grade are of good size, formation and density. Coffee in this grade fetches more money than any other grade in the auction.

:·Kenya Coffee AB Grade: Beans in this grade are most common, accounting for over 40 per cent of any consignment of parchment delivered by farmers.

:·Kenya Coffee C Grade: Thin small beans which do not qualify to be in grades 'AB' and 'PB' fall into this grade.

:·Kenya Coffee E Grade: This grade consists of the largest beans, usually two beans attaches together genetically during growth to form one seed in a single cherry. The grade is a source of ears when some of the 'E' beans break during handling.

:·Kenya Coffee PB Grade: This grade consists of beans shaped like pea berries which are compact and rare, usually one bean growing in a pod instead of the usual two beans.

:·Kenya Coffee T Grade: This grade consists of very light beans and chippy beans broken during handling. Beans in this grade yields uneven roast and therefore get lower quality classification than other grades

:·Kenya Coffee TT Grade: This grade consists of lighter beans isolated from main grades 'AA' and 'AB' in an air pressure grade (catador).