A Guide To The Diverse, Complex, And Utterly Enjoyable Espresso!

"Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death, sweet as love."
- Turkish proverb

Espresso Ristretto / Short Shot:
Meaning "restricted", this is a shot that is stopped at 21 grams. This restricted extraction ensures that only the best qualities of the coffee are extracted and not the bitter elements. This is the preferred straight shot in Europe.

Single Shot: A regular shot of espresso extracted to the amount of the single portafilter.

Lungo / Long Shot: A regular shot of espresso but using a little more water in extraction.

Double Shot: Twice as much espresso in the portafilter extracted with twice the amount of water.

Americano: A single or double espresso in a regular cup topped up with hot water. Very similar to regular filter coffee except the flavour of the coffee is enhanced.

Espresso Macchiato: Macchiato means "marked" or "stained" in Italian. Therefore this drink is a shot of espresso marked with a small amount of foamed milk dabbed on top with a spoon and served in a demitasse.

Espresso Con Panna: Con Panna means "with cream" so basically this drink is the same as a Macchiato except using a dab of whipped cream instead of foamed milk.

Cappuccino Dry: A straight shot of espresso with a layer of steamed milk and then foam on top. Typically an American Cappuccino. Use the rule of a third espresso, a third steamed milk, and a third foam.

Wet: A straight shot of espresso topped with rich foamy steamed milk poured directly from the milk jug without the use of a spoon. Typically a European Cappuccino.

Caffé Latte: Start with a single shot of espresso, pour in steamed milk, but hold back the foam with your spoon until about 80% to 90% full. Then top it off with foam.

Caffé Mocha: The mocha is a variation of the latte but with chocolate syrup added before adding the steamed milk. After the milk is added, an additional stir may be required. Typically, mochas are topped with whipped cream and sometimes chocolate sprinkles.

Caffé Latte Macchiato: Begin by pouring steamed milk into the cup and then scooping a layer of thick foam on top. With a spoon, make a little whole in the foam on the side of the cup and pour in the shot os espresso. This creates a layered effect. Add a little more foam to the top of the drink.

Iced Latte: Fill the cup with ice, pour in the shot of espresso and fill up with cold milk. An extra shot of espresso is often needed because the ice dilutes the espresso.

Iced Americano: Fill the cup with ice, pour in a double shot of espresso and fill up with cold water.

Flavoured Lattes etc: Begin by adding the flavoured syrup to the cup and then pouring the espresso on top. It is often necessary to swirl the syrup and espresso together to mix it properly. Fill the cup with steamed milk. Popular flavoured syrups include vanilla, almond, cinnamon, peppermint, raspberry, irish cream, and hazelnut.