A guide to cleaning, backflushing, and maintaining your espresso machine!

"The purpose of cleaning your espresso equipment is to achieve better control of the brewing process and to obtain the freshest taste in coffee."

Give the steam wand a quick "shot of steam" after frothing your milk. Then use a damp cloth to clean the steam wand immediately. If the milk has dried, use the Pallo coffee tool to clean the wand. Or soak the steam wand in hot water to remove any caked-on milk. Clean the steam jet hole with the pin on the end of the Pallo tool.
Flush the group head by turning on the pump for a few seconds, without the portafilter in place, after the last coffee session of the day (this has the added benefit of always ensuring the machine is fully primed). Use the Pallo tool to clean inside and around the group head ensuring that all left over coffee is removed.
Remove drip trays and clean them with warm soapy water. Be sure to dry them.
Clean the portafilters and brew baskets with warm water, a soft cloth, and Pallo coffee tool. You may need to soak them overnight in water to properly remove the coffee stains.
Wipe down the espresso machine with a cloth and warm water. Never use steel wool or any other abrasive material to clean your machine. This will result in unwanted damage. Continuous wiping of the machine will result in a professional looking machine and also ensure that it is not stained or marked.


Remove the portafilter basket and replace with the solid or "blind" basket. Put a teaspoon of Joe Glo Espresso Machine Cleaning Detergent into the "blind" basket and secure portafilter to the group head.
With the portafilter attached, back flush your machine by running the group five times in 15 second start/stop intervals.
Remove portafilter, discard the leftover bits and run the group to rinse away the crud.
Use the Pallo coffee tool to get rid of any residual oils or loose grinds in and around the group head.
Reattach portafilter and back flush five more times in 5 second start/stop intervals, this time without detergent.
Once again, remove portafilter and run the group to rinse clean.
Replace the 'blind' insert with a normal filter insert then pull and discard a couple of shots to prime your machine.

Helpful Hint:
For a 'Wicked Liquid' solution mix 1 Tbsp Joe Glo per half litre of very hot water to soak your portafilter handles, filter screens, steaming wand tips and utensils. Clean and deodorize your coffee pots. Works wonders on stainless steel too! Rinse well.